Capsule Hotel In Tel Aviv

The capsule hotel trend has arrived to Israel

From: Israel Today

In Tel Aviv port, opened the backpackers’ hostel “The Spot Hostel”, which covers about 2,200 sq.m. on the banks of the Yarkon river, with 300 beds, and 50% of the beds are in shared rooms (dorms), unlike the capsules rooms which are private, both offer cheap accommodation. In the complex, you can find a reception desk, cinema room, bar-restaurant and more.

Na’ama Shviki, the marketing manager of the spot hostel, says: “After we traveled the world, we got ideas, we wanted to bring the capsule hotel trend to Israel, we bought two capsules, like the ones in Japanese hotels, we located them and examined how we feel. It felt unpleasant and claustrophobic, as in an MRI checkup. I admit that I did not close the door completely because I was afraid to lock myself up.

We wanted to do something intimate, but different. We built a little room of 3.5 square meters, which includes a space to stand and dress up, it costs $45 with breakfast, which is equivalent to the price. This is the fixed price of the capsule, by choice, and it is highly in demand.

We are open for two months now and we’re looking for the next location in places like Jerusalem, the Dead Sea, and Eilat. 90% of our visitors are tourists, but I see a wide range of visitors: youth, pupils from “Taglit” and hikers doing the ‘Israel Trail’.