Shared Space


You didn’t come here to sleep, right?

Sure, our rooms are great, but since you didn’t come here to sleep, we came up with some pretty awesome shared spaces to stay up in even when you don’t feel like hitting the town. Whether you’re looking for indoor or outdoor, upbeat or low-key, you’ll find a space that has the vibe you crave and—most importantly—the amazing people you came here to meet and connect with. Ready to find your SPOT?


What’s a hostel without a fully equipped kitchen and lots of people cooking and breaking bread together? THE SPOT’s is certainly no exception. With amazing produce available (nearby, too—at the permanent Port Market, Shuk HaNamal, and the farmers market that sets up shop outside its doors every Friday), you’d be missing out if you didn’t try making an Israeli salad or shakshuka or dig into some watermelon with Bulgarian feta cheese (don’t knock it until you try it!).

Coworking Space​

Need to shoot out a few emails and get some work done? Bring your laptop to THE SPOT’s coworking space, which is equipped with desks, chairs, strong coffee, plenty of WiFi and the perfect atmosphere to get s&*% done so you can get back to your vacation. This space is open to guests as well as locals, so it’s a great place to network and connect with peers and potential partners, too.


Cheers to new friends and memories that last a lifetime (or not…)! Gather ‘round for good beats and Israeli beers (and spirits—have you tried arak?). We promise good drinks (non-alcoholic, too) and snacks at affordable prices in a setting that feels authentically Tel Avivian. Get your night started here, or come back and wrap it up with us. We already agreed that you’re not going to sleep, didn’t we?

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Packed with comfy couches and special nooks, THE SPOT’s lobby is where you’ll absorb tons of tips for Tel Aviv and travels throughout Israel from our helpful staff, handouts and information on display and other travelers. Swap stories and secrets, plan trips and outings, or just chill with a drink and a good book.

Screening Room​

Settle in to watch a new Israeli or international film, an old classic, a special screening of a popular TV show or a high-intensity sporting event or game. Screenings change on a daily basis based on what’s going on, and they’re a great opportunity to take in some new culture or scream your lungs out for your favorite team.


Get to know Israeli artists and local bands playing originals or covers, watch a dance performance or standup show, get your mind working with an enriching lecture or workshop, and much more. Programming on our stage covers the whole range, and we’re constantly working to make your experience at THE SPOT and in Tel Aviv even better with exciting events.


With our location and the Tel Aviv weather, how could we not have a great out door deck? Ours overlooks the gentle Yarkon River and lush green park that surrounds it. If you want to enjoy the sunset and the breeze with a view, the balcony is the place to do it. Grab a drink and some new friends or a book, and do Tel Aviv like a pro.

Laundry Room

You know how in movies the best scenes always take place in the Laundromat? That’s because only the best moments and memories can come from a room scented with fresh laundry detergent and full of people with lots of time on their hands and nothing to do. You have to do laundry, don’t you? So do it in style in our laundry room equipped with plenty of coin-operated machines!
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