Our bar

A bar with a London atmosphere in Port Aviv

Meet the Spot Bar, a unique and refreshing experience

In the heart of Tel Aviv, with the harbor on one side and the Yarkon on the other, there is a unique hostel that caters to all the most attractive activities the city can offer, including a Tel Aviv bar in a foreign atmosphere without having to board a flight.

If you happen to come to London and experience the bar scene known in English and London culture in particular, where young guys, business people and even families frequent the bars right after five in the evening, you must have been enthusiastic about the cultural concept, which offers plenty of beers at attractive prices with a lot of pan, lightness and simply an excellent way to end the day, relax and spend time with friends.

At the Spot Hostel you will find a bar in a fine London atmosphere, light and refreshing with everything that means, a charming and inspiring design that includes wooden benches, indoor and outdoor seating on an equal terrace full of breeze and chill.

At the Spot everything happens at the bar

Everything happens at the bar, the ordering and serving of the beers and drinks is fast and happening at the bar, we don’t have waiters, just cool bartenders and over 15 types of beers, a variety of alcoholic beverages and all at attractive prices that are worth every pocket.

In the place you will find a light and varied menu that offers tasty dishes in the style of ‘street food’, and are satisfying with any drink you choose.