Our rooms

For a single passenger (the most economical room for a guest who does not wish to share the room with other guests)

Double or single economical room than a double room

For a couple (a double bed that cannot be separated)

For two friends (two separate single beds)

For two friends (the most economical room for a couple of friends)

For a couple + 1 or 3 travelers (larger than a twin and a double, more space and bigger)

For a couple or a couple + 1 (more spacious than a double room, like a loft apartment more). There are stairs inside the room

Family of 4 members + baby (2 rooms with a connecting door, more privacy for the family, quieter from the children due to separation)

For a family of 4 members + baby (bunk bed for children – one space for the whole family)

Accommodate 6/8/10/12 travelers.
For single or friends (rooms with bunk beds, shared with other people you don’t necessarily know)


Air conditioning

Lockable storage cabinet

Free WiFi

USB and power outlets (EU)

Bedside lamp