Low Cost Hostel

Low Cost Hostel The Spot Hostel in Tel Aviv is a hotel class hostel From: Ma'ariv life style So we planned on an urban weekend in the big city. Something…

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The Spot Hostel Review

The Spot Hostel Review From: Mako The Spot hostel at the Tel Aviv Port is suitable for anyone seeking accommodation in a different atmosphere and at low prices in the…

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Capsule Hotel in Tel Aviv

Capsule Hotel In Tel Aviv The capsule hotel trend has arrived to Israel From: Israel Today In Tel Aviv port, opened the backpackers’ hostel “The Post Hostel”, which covers about…

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Vacation In Israel

Vacation In Israel My "Spot" in Tel Aviv From: Mako Airas Mera (22) a student from Portugal who also has a youtube channel about traveling. Airas came for a vacation…

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Hostels in Tel Aviv

Hostels in Tel Aviv The world trend catches on in the big city The city of Tel Aviv offers options for entertainment, dining, recreation, and more. In addition, there are…

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