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Near the hostel you will find a variety of activities, in the air, under the water and on the land.
As our guest, you can receive a discount for the following activities:

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In the tour we will discover:
How can a graffiti painting cost your property two million dollars?
How can you create a work in 10 minutes and sell it for 1,000 NIS
What happened when they tried to delete the most famous graffiti in Tel Aviv?
How creative will you be when you have a spray in hand.
Why is it worth coming?
We will find out why there is a buzz around the graffiti and we will find out what turns the artists on and makes them take risks and paint graffiti from rooftops or right under the nose of the police.
We hear the pain of those artists who are willing to risk everything to express themselves on the wall and what echoes and reactions there are to their works.