Mako Review: The Spot Hostel Tel Aviv

Mako Review: The Spot Hostel Tel Aviv

The Spot hostel at the Tel Aviv Port is suitable for anyone seeking accommodation in a different atmosphere and at low prices in the central city. It does not matter if you are a lone traveler, a young couple or parents. This is a place for everyone. And yes, the rooms are small, but hey! that’s what it’s all about.

When you enter the Spot Hostel in the Tel Aviv Port, you immediately feel a different and unique vibe. The place opened only two months ago, but in the large, colorful lobby there are already quite a few guests and you can hear a lot of languages and encounter the entire spectrum of ages.

The purpose of places like the Spot is to serve as a meeting place for those who want to experience togetherness in Israel or simply a cheap solution for those who do not necessarily want to take part in a summer camp. The place is suitable and available for everyone. You will not get a balcony overlooking the sea but you will get a low price accommodation

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